Hey Guys,

Ambitiously built over April 2020 to  promote & ultimately sell Merry Crocmas to the world. Certainly gone full bore to get this not only produced but out to the public, if nothing else I have learned much.

Merry Crocmas was made with the hope of spring boarding my creativity full time. Stop Motion Animation is all consuming yet fun, I have successfully put to bed MC Music Video after over 2 years but like all films they're never finished, life and work do get in the way of following your dreams.  Ideally I'd love the opportunity to write stories, sculpt /paint art and create music. Mostly consumed by PR for MC amongst working on my house of late or one of many film/book ideas for screenwriting competitions.

I hope you find my website entertaining, of interest, but above all  thank you for your precious time.

Warm Regards

Paul Fletcher



Highly qualified Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer ONC & HNC


Fighter of #plasticpollution & litter generally  NO EXCUSES!

I like hammers... A lot!

I may contain traces of special kinds of nuts.

 An inventive deep thinker, cast upon the spectrum range with a tendency to talk a lot given any opportunity. Driven by funny/serious tales with energy, passionate about captivating peoples consciousness in exciting enriching stimulating ways, provoking wonder through imaginative storytelling.

London born, as a baby I never cried I just lay there and laugh, a deep dirty laugh. Moving about growing up in Brixton, London, Carshalton, Surrey, Newport, Shropshire, but mainly Felixstowe in Suffolk, I also lived in Weston Super Mare in Somerset for 3 years in my late 20's & early 30's.

A self made dual national working in some of the harshest remotest places, mostly in the baking far north WA, NT & Qld, but all over Australia for 17 years onshore/offshore in mining, oil, gas, energy, explosives, construction & maintenance. Travelling the world over 25 years, now back in my home town of Felixstowe in Suffolk where I work for the Port as an engineer fixing the world's biggest cranes.

@48 I've many a story of my own  and been writing many ideas notably a fictional action adventure spiritual novel since 04, along with several unfinished others.....

Extreme sports include surfing, snowboarding, I ride a snakeboard, I used to Bungy jump heaps and canyon swings but my best adrenaline rush by far was riding bulls in Queensland...

Absolutely I hope for the ability to devote myself to being creative full time one day transporting all my scribbling notes to life.


I used to give blood but I have a rare Mosquito unknown strain of Ross River Fever Virus, imagine feeling 100 years old unable to move riddled with arthritis, well add sweaty and flue like muscle ache symptoms and you'll have arrived....

Incidentally I have a theory that electro cleansing could stop or prevent #COVID19 from spreading, not only did it stop my malaria but it dates back to ancient Egypt.. People always scoff and laugh but do your research, I was skeptical too...Don't be! Check it out;


I once worked in a Circus through Western Australia as a ring waiter labourer and breakdown mechanic.

Morris danced on stage in Weston Super Mare, Somerset' with stand up Comedian Mark Little from Channel 4's Big Breakfast and Aussie Neighbours soap.

I had a job dancing in Mexican bar in 2001 with my best friend who still lives in Guatemala. Driven into Yucatan jungle at gun point by Mexican police...

Another long wrong story, one of many travelling tales...


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